About Us

In 1977, James O. Hobbs and his son Jimmy began building and selling homes, one at a time, on Holden Beach. Two years later, with the help of Betty Hobbs, James’s wife and Jimmy’s mother, they founded Hobbs Realty. It only made sense to use their extensive local knowledge and passion for Holden Beach living to expand their business into property asset management.

Thanks to our policy of always going the extra “smile,” Hobbs Realty has grown steadily over the years, building a company that spans three generations. Our family owned business is still growing strong today, thanks to a commitment to time-honored Holden Beach traditions and good old-fashioned customer service. We’re proud to have helped generations of families become happy homeowners and satisfied vacationers, and we look forward to doing the same for new clients.

Choosing Holden Beach and Hobbs Realty are steps toward a sound real estate investment and the beginning of great family memories. Contact us today and let the adventure begin! 

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